Buildings are a core aspect of your town. There are many different buildings each with their own functions and requirements. Generally, buildings produce something using resources.

Buildings Edit

Utility/Public Service Edit

All utility buildings excluding roads enhance certain types of buildings.

Building Name Description
Road Road Connects buildings and allows them to function.
Squirt Bench Park Squirt Bench Park Provides a small boost to some buildings.
Rescue Me Dept Rescue Me Dept Provides a moderate boost to industrial buildings.
Lil Police Station Lil' Police Station Provides a high boost to commercial buildings.
Boo Boo Wah Wah Boo Boo Wah Wah Has a high population cap and provides a moderate

boost to some buildings.

Chapel Of Love Chapel of Love Provides a moderate boost to residential buildings.
Four Tree Hill Park Four Tree Hill Park Provides a moderate boost to some buildings.
Plunko Board Plunko Board Allows prestiging.


Residential Edit

Fixer Upper Fixer Upper
Dwelling Dwelling
Domicile Domicile
Abode Abode
McMansion McMansion
Suburban Paradise Suburban Paradise
Studio Shacks Studio Shacks
Decent Digs Decent Digs
Quaint Complex Quaint Complex
Uptown Uptown
Condominimum Condominimum
Penn Ave Penn Ave
Sweet Suites Sweet Suites


Commercial Edit

Raw Deal Pawn Raw Deal Pawn
Out N In Burger Out 'n In Burger
I Like Pizza I Like Pizza
Simpson Supply Simpson Supply
Pacyga Procure Pacyga Procure
Coffee Tango Coffee Tango
Hard As Rock Gym Hard As Rock Gym
Forbidden Donut Forbidden Donut
Worlds End Bar World's End Bar
Fashionably Late Fashionably Late
Forever Maybe Forever Maybe
Peytons Peyton's
Whitsons Yum Yums Whitson's Yum Yums
Bile Magnet Co Bile Magnet Co.
Penny Slots Penny Slots
Koch Bros Ko Koch Bros Ko.
Short Stack Short Stack


Factory Edit

Factories take materials generated by resource collectors and create high tier products for most buildings.

Building Name Description
Food Factory Food Factory Required for most booster buildings.
Textile Factory Textile Factory Required for some commercial buildings and boosters.
Utility Factory Utility Factory Required for some commercial buildings.
Supplies Factory Supplies Factory Required for some commercial buildings.
Mechanical Factory Mechanical Factory Required for high tier commercial buildings and boosters.


Resource Collector Edit

Resource collectors generate basic resources that most buildings require for construction or function.

Building Name Description
Farm Farm Required for the Food Factory and most booster buildings.
Lumberyard Lumberyard Required for the Supplies Factory and the construction of many buildings.
Plantation Plantation Required for the Textile Factory and some commercial buildings.
Quarry Quarry Required for the Supply and Mechanical Factories, some commercial

buildings, and the construction of many buildings.

Angel Wing Buildings Edit



Condomedium Condomedium Mid-size Residential High Rise. First 3 jobs are capable of producing a decent amount of coin without consuming any resources.
Cin Cinema Cin Cinema Provides the highest boost available in the game, but only enhances residential. Is also prohibitively expensive to upgrade to full potential.
Bloom Boutique Bloom Boutique Provides a good boost to High Rise buildings but has a small enhancement range.

Not particularly useful early on as it only boosts highrises and usually requires bees due to it's short range.

Condomaximum Condomaximum The largest residential High Rise. Has good coin income potential, with the first 3 jobs requiring no resources.
Fun and Done Park Fun and Done Park Provides a good boost and requires no road connection, upgrades or population.

Often the first angel wing building available, as it's the cheapest.

Possible Hospital Possible Hospital Top-Tier Hospital. Provides a great boost to Residential and Industrial buildings.

Offers the highest population cap.

ChaChing Casino Cha-Ching Casino Top-Tier Casino.
No Fire Too Small No Fire Too Small Provides a great boost to Industrial buildings.
Blue Bad Boys Blue Bad Boys Provides a great boost to Commercial buildings.
Theme Park Theme Park Provides a great boost to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial buildings.
Monetary Monument Monetary Monument Second best Commercial High Rise.
Shining glory Shining Glory Provides a great boost to Residential buildings.
Too Tall To Fail Too Tall To Fail Top-Tier Commercial High Rise.